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Jorg Mardian CPT, MT, RHN
(250) 485-3228

Jorg started Three60Fitness Athletics in 2005 and it quickly became one of the South Okanagan BC’s elite health and fitness studios, specializing in weight loss, lean muscle gain & injury exercise. Having gained incredible success with clients for the last 15 years, his methods are now sought after throughout the South Okanagan.

Personal Training

Super effective fitness and nutrition to change your life! Professional one-on-one training and exercise therapy tailored to get your fitness results, weight loss and rid yourself of injuries!

We offer individualized personal training packages as well as small group training (2-3 people) with 1-5, or 10 & 20 sessions.


Fitness Classes 

Don't want to train alone? We offer fitness class packages for beginner, intermediate or advanced levels with pre-paid cards of ten classes costing only $11/class. 

Goal setting is key to ensuring that your results are not just met, but also maintained and continuously improved upon!

Supplement Sales

We also a great lineup of raw, organic, non GMO and therapeutic quality supplements and whole food products. If you suffer from a health ailment, we can help your body regain balance!